Camp Rock Road

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Photo : Don Judkins


   In 1930 my father, Gilbert H. Tegelberg, Sr. was a homesteader in Lucerne Valley on the west 1/2 section 26T. 4N-R.I.E. He found there was a wagon road that ran the full length of the property for one mile. The road ran from what is now Highway 247 and Highway 18. He did not want his property split up by a road, so when he had his house built, and with the help of two or three other homesteaders, they cleared the brush for five miles by hand. He drove the first track on it with his 1925 Chevy. He named it Terry Road in honor of Bill Terry, the first homesteader in the area, and the first school bus driver in the valley. Sometime during World War II the county changed the name to Camp Rock Road.

   In August 1932 there was a cloudburst on Camp Rock Road, and it put a six foot deep ditch down the road. He could not handle that so he wrote a letter to County Supervisor Arthur L.Doran who answered him on 11/8/32 and said he took it up with the Highway Commission "and have been informed it was taken care of immediately."

  The horse pulled grader we have in the Lucerne Valley Museum is the one used on Camp Rock Road to fill up the ditch and to grade the road. This is when the road was taken over by the county.

signed Gilbert H. Tegelberg, Jr.

Dated   8/26/94

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